hello my friends !
Had a pleasure to work at ILM in Creature department on the facial and body blendshapes for the Durotan, Orgrim and a few other orcs, and some shots on Gryphon alongside with many talented artists , leads and supervisors at ILM, too many to write everyone but the most important we know each other. Especially want to thanks Ashwin Ram for guideline and directive :). We had really big-big and fun team!
..Especially considering that Warcraft (WOW) is my fav classic MMO game )
- I'm going to post a trailer soon with model animations.
**That would be not possible in short to describe in words how helpfull were to work with such high detailed and advance facial and body animations! I believe that every modern character artist should try rig and animate himself as it helps way deeper to understand the topology and the way how shapes react in motion.